New to Snapchat? Want to know how to find friends? Here is an app I use to find friends on snapchat. Not only can you find friends for snapchat but others will find you as well. Just be sure to make your profile interesting.

You can find random snapchat friends, or you can find friends based off a specific interest or category. You can find snapchat friends by name or you can find snapchat friends in your area.

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Here is another Top Secret Tool I use to gain Snapchat followers!  Snappy Rush

Snapyrush Is The First Snapchat Course And Community That Helps People To Grow On Snapchat And Use It For Business And Personal Branding!
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How to Increase Brand Loyalty w A Loyalty Program App

How to Increase Brand Loyalty w A Loyalty Program App

There are many ways to create brand loyalty for your business.  Brand loyalty is defined as the tendency of some consumers to continue buying the same brand of goods rather than competing brands. One of my favorite ways to provide brand loyalty for my customers is through a customer loyalty app. A customer loyalty app is the same concept as the loyalty cards method, except it is on your customers mobile phone. I have personally participated in hotel loyalty programs when I travel, restaurant loyalty programs when I dine and even fitness loyalty programs.

Customer retention programs like loyalty cards increase customer repeat spending for your businesses, keeping you happy as well as your customers. A Win Win situation.

Watch the videos below to discover how to build a customer loyalty cards app for your business today!

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E-Focus Biz Directory

E-Focus Biz Directory

E-Focus Business Directory

The modern digital directory for all the information you need.

The goal of E-Focus Business Directory is to provide you with the valuable content and information you need to reach the businesses, brands and professionals you’re looking to connect with in Houston and surrounding areas.

Our directory acts as an interactive link between you and the business you’re searching for. Through the directory, you can access discounts, local events, videos and photos of business facilities and more.



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